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Some quick notes about studying MBA in France:


  1. Language of Instruction/Teaching: You will find that most MBA programs in France are taught in English and hence you should not face any difficulty
  2. Duration of MBA: MBA in France can be finished in 1 year. Some French MBAs are of 2 years
  3. Intakes: Most MBA programs in France will begin in September and/or January.
  4. Fee Range: Course fee for MBA in France ranges between 0 to 30,000 Euro. Most MBA programs will range between 10000 to 25000 Euro. Some top MBAs in France like INSEAD MBA, HEC MBA, ESSEC MBA, EMLYON MBA will go higher ranking between 38000 Euro and 71000 Euro
  5. Work Experience Requirement: Most MBA programs in France will need at least 2 year of work experience. Recommended work experience is at least 3 years after graduation
  6. GMAT / GRE: GMAT is required for only few French MBA programmes like INSEAD, HEC, ESSEC and such. Most other MBAs will NOT need work experience. GRE is accepted in lieu of GMAT
  7. English Language Requirement: Either IELTS test or TOEFL test is NOT compulsory if you have finished your education in English medium. However, some Universities may ask for IELTS test score. The test could be done within one month from the date you decide to take the test ie. preparing for the test, registering for the test, to appearing for it. If you need to register for the test or need help or coaching, you could contact us at +91 9820864001
  8. French Language Certificate / Test: Studying French language is NOT necessary to apply for an MBA in France because most MBA programs are taught in English. We however recommend our students to learn a little of French, so that your interaction with others enhances, you could network better, and while finding jobs after MBA in France, it is easier for you to prepare for and crack the interview. Check out Alliance Francaise
  9. Time to Apply: Best time to apply for MBA in France is Nov to Jan for a September start. Different Universities have different deadlines. Its best to apply at least 9 months in advance to the MBA course start date
  10. Work DURING your study in France: Students can work up to 20 hours per week part time and full time (approx. 40 hours per week) during holidays
  11. Work After your Study in France: You could stay back in France for 2 years for job search and work after your MBA. You do not need a job offer in hand to stay back

France is world’s fifth-largest economy. Graduates holding an MBA degree from France are highly attractive to employers. Most all MBA programmes in France are taught in English. France is home to some of the world’s largest companies in key industries, such as finance (BNP Paribas and AXA), aerospace (EADS), luxury (LVMH and PPR), tourism (Accor), automotive (Renault-Nissan, PSA, and Michelin), construction (Vinci and Lafarge), energy (GDF-Suez and Total), and retail (Carrefour).

  1. France is home of INSEAD, HEC Paris, and EMLYON – three business schools that are in the Financial Times list of top-100 MBA programs globally
  2. France has more internationally accredited MBA programs than any other country in the world. Ten business schools in France are triple-accredited, meaning they have been accredited by all three major international accreditation agencies: AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS. Along with INSEAD, HEC Paris, and EMLYON, these other “triple crown” schools include Grenoble, EDHEC, Toulouse, Rouen, Audencia Nantes, Reims, and BEM Bordeaux.
  3. All MBA Programme are taught in English.
  4. Most accredited MBA programs in France only take a year to complete.
  5. France offers full time, part time, online and executive MBA
  6. Getting a MBA degree from a strong economy improves the credibility of your MBA and also increases the opportunities of finding employment and other opportunities while studying there.
  7. France has the 6th strongest economy in the world and the 3rd largest economy in Europe, providing job opportunities, a satisfactory lifestyle, and endless networking opportunities.
  8. Paris is known as the fashion capital of the world, but it’s also a major business hub for all sorts of industries. Many internationally renowned brands such as Air France and Total S.A., as well as Ubisoft and Chanel are based in Paris. Paris provides unlimited opportunities to gain business exposure.


France is known for its unique specializations on the MBA it offers. Here are some interesting examples:

MBA Responsible Management

MBA Art, Culture & Luxury in English

MBA International MBA

MBA International Management (MBAIM)

MBA Cultural Entrepreneurship and Tourism

MBA Arts and Cultural Management

MBA Global Marketing

MBA Global Finance

MBA Art & Luxury Management: the French touch

International MBA in Asia Pacific Business

MBA Luxury Brand/Energy/Food Business/Strategic HR Management

MBA Contemporary Art: Sales, Display and Collecting

MBA Art Market Management

MBA Energy & Sustainable Development

MBA Geopolitics

MBA Luxury Brand Management

MBA Geopolitics


And then there are the regular specialist MBA programmes like MBA General, MBA Marketing, MBA Finance, MBA Logistics / Operations and such


Documents required for application.

  1. Resume
  2. Academic documents and Transcripts
  3. Three letters of recommendation (professional or academic are required). It is advisable to get a professional recommendation from a superior or manager whom you are reporting to.
  4. Personal statement and Essays have to be written as per the requirement of the University.
  5. Passport Copy
  6. GMAT score need to be reported online via the testing agency. IELTS score may be required by some MBA programmes
  7. Interviews are a part of MBA application process. These could conducted by the admissions committee or may be informal alumni interviews


Cost of MBA in France: The range would be around Rs 7 lacs to Rs 30 lacs depending on the University


List of MBA in France:


Many popular MBA in France are listed below with the GMAT requirement, average work experience requirement, class size, concentrations, etc.


Grenoble Ecole de Management – Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GGSB)
MBA Fees of GGSB MBA – Tuition: 31,300 EUR
Duration: 12 Months
Intakes: September
Avg. Work Experience Required: 8.0 yrs
Class Size: 35
GMAT may be required on a case-by-case basis; if required, then GMAT has to be atleast 550
HEC Paris
MBA Fees for HEC MBA: Tuition: 52,000 EUR
Duration: 16 Months
Intakes: January,  September
Average GMAT: 685
INSEAD France (Europe Campus)
MBA Fees for INSEAD MBA – Tuition: 71,000 EUR
Duration: 10 Months
Intakes: January,  September
Average GMAT: 701
Avg. Work Experience Required: 6.0 yrs
Class Size: 1024
ESSEC Business School
MBA Fees for ESSEC MBA: Tuition: 44,000 EUR
Duration: 12 Months
Intakes: September
Avg. Work Experience Required: 6.0 yrs
Class Size: 40
IESEG School of Management
Tuition: 20,000 EUR
Duration: 12 Months
Intakes: September
International School of Management (ISM) France
ISM MBA: International MBA
Tuition: 32,883 EUR
Duration: 12 Months
Intakes: January,  April,  October
EMLYON Business School
EMLYON MBA: International MBA
MBA Fees of EMLYON MBA – Tuition: 38,000 EUR
Duration: 12 Months
Intakes: September
Avg. Work Experience Required: 7.0 yrs
Class Size: 28
EDHEC Business School
Tuition: 41,000 EUR
Duration: 10 Months
Intakes: January,  September
Average GMAT: 628
Avg. Work Experience Required: 8.0 yrs
SKEMA Business School
Concentrations available: Executive MBA Risk, Globalisation and Diversity
24 months
Intakes: September
ESC Rennes School of Business
Start Date: October
Duration: 18 months
Concentrations available on ESC Rennes School of Business MBA:
Management of new technologies and innovation
The proactive firm
Advanced finance
Audencia Nantes School of Management
MBA in Responsible Management
Tuition: 30,000 EUR
Duration: 12 Months
Intakes: September
Avg. Work Experience Required: 7.0 yrs
Neoma Business School
Tuition: 30,500 EUR
Duration: 12 Months
Intakes: September
Avg. Work Experience Required: 8.0 yrs
ENPC School of International Management
Solvay-Ponts MBA
Duration: 12 months
Concentrations available on ENPC School of International Management MBA:
Innovation management
Toulouse Business School
Aerospace MBA
Start Date: September
Duration: 12 months
MBA Fees: 30,000 EUR
CDI – Collège des Ingénieurs – France
January,  September
10 months
There is no Tuition: fee to be paid by applicants. All admitted candidates automatically receive full financial aid which covers Tuition: fees, living expenses and health insurance.
ESCP Europe – Paris Campus
European Executive MBA
Tuition: 51,000 EUR
Duration: 18 Months
Intakes: January
Avg. Work Experience Required: 10.0 yrs
Class Size: 81
IEMI – European Institute of International Management
MBA International Hospitality and Luxury Brands Management
Start Date: November
Concentration available:
International hospitality
Luxury brand management
MBA Fees: 12,000 EUR
ESLSCA – International Graduate Education
Concentrations available:
International finance
Duration: 12 months
Start Dates: January,  April,  September
Kedge Business School
Tuition: 35,000 EUR
Duration: 24 Months
Intakes: February,  October,  November
Class Size: 24
35,000 EUR
May be available part time only

France Admission Counseling

In case you’re confused about your studies in France, we can help you solve the problem. Once we meet you, and your parents or spouse, we ask you questions to get a clearer idea of your preferences, restrictions, and goals. This will allow us to make a range of suggestions with regard to locations and universities. With more discussions we’ll help you pick between them and narrow it down to the right selection of safe, moderate and ambitions options. We will make your process of studying in France hassle-free.

We are experts at what we do.We started in 2002 and have helped 1000s of students (personally) since then. The collective experience of our team of experts go beyond a 100 years. Many of us have studied abroad and know exactly what your requirements will be, what kind of universities should be best suited for your future, what you need to do to get there.

We are extremely personal. Students ask us 1000s of questions and we enjoy replying to these. You will have one dedicated team member who you will be able to contact throughout the service. We don’t count the number of hours spent on you. We don’t shed away responsibilities. We work on your side and have just one thing in mind—to get you your best in your career

We keep in touch with Universities. We keep in touch with our past students. We know exactly what a University will require or we can identify it very (very) easily. We help you build your profile, craft a great resume, and statement of purpose (SOP)/essays and bring out the best in you while presenting you to a University. Chances of your admissions evidently rise because we are around.

We help you right from start to end in the process ie. from selecting the right course and university list, documentation preparation, filling out and checking of forms, applying to universities, to securing admission offers, helping you finalize the best choice of university, visa guidance (including documentation, mock interview rounds, application), accommodation booking and much more. Hey! IELTS coaching is also available at our centre. We are brilliant with our essay editing services (remember – you will have to end up writing 18 to 24 essays when you apply to 8 to 10 Universities). We are simply there for everything! #enoughsaid

Mostly all of our students are through word of mouth. You will ENJOY your process and will not have to think how ordinary a question is while you ask us. We reply. We ensure that you remain satisfied. Nearly all our students would give us a 100/100 for our services.

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